a a a a a With experience in Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Retail Marketing,
Copy Writing, Blog Writing and more, the collective expertise is on
hand to build and shape communications that make a difference.
We're a Digital Marketing &
Social Media Management company.

Our services and packages are individually tailored and completely bespoke to each client, their aims and budget – designed to make communications unique.

Social Media Consultancy + -

Our consultancy services are ideal for a client who wants to manage their own social media internally on a day-to-day basis; this means you already have a dedicated employee or team working on your social media.

Social Media Advertising + -

Parade Ring Marketing provide high impact Social Media Management.

Social Media Management + -

We’ll expertly manage your advertising campaigns making sure we deliver the results you want to see.

Blog Creation & Management + -

We don’t create content for content’s sake and hope someone just catches it, we use proven strategies to spark interaction and engagement with your target audience.

Newsletter Writing & Management + -

We also offer a full range of newsletter writing services designed to grow your business.

Email Marketing + -

Whether it is your existing customer database or a fresh prospect list, a segmented, targeted and expertly managed email marketing campaign can be tailored to drive results you need.

Marketing Consultancy + -

Marketing your business/brand is your opportunity to demonstrate and “shout” about the brilliant work your business does on a day-to-day basis – ensuring that all of your current and potential stakeholders, customers and partners know who you are and what you do.

We specialise in offering Digital Marketing and Social Media Management services for businesses and public services of all sizes. With our services, we help raise awareness and generate leads. Whatever the business or public service, we are always keen to help.

Our Work

Something About Us

Our aim is to make business life easier with our services, while raising brand awareness and attracting new custom.
From Social Media Management through to Email Marketing campaigns, our services are tailored to each individual client, their business and their needs, combining creativity and process to get people engaging.

Speaking from experience, we know the difficulties many businesses face in keeping up to date and fully utilising these marketing channels effectively.

These experiences have given us a good understanding of where businesses are coming from and the frustrations they have.

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Our Clients

What do we provide?

Free consultation discussing a plan to realise your business’s needs

Integration of social media within your marketing mix

Curation, creation and deployment of engaging posts across your social media platforms

Management of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and/or LinkedIn advertising campaigns targeting specific yet different audiences

Monitor and report your social media account performance

Google profile improvement – enhancing Search Engine Optimisation for your website

Management of Email Marketing campaigns – regular newsletters and/or e-shot promotions

What will be your business outcomes?

Informing and communicating with existing customers

Reaching new potential customers

Increased brand awareness

Increased website traffic

Increased brand loyalty among both new and existing customers

Tracking of website visitor traffic stats in Google Analytics – including monthly email reports



“I've been working with them for the last six months and they have quickly become one of my favorite company.”

William Smithson Founder

“Their team is very professional and they were able to provide me with realistic expectations.”

Mellisa Evans Designer

“Everything about this process is amazing. From the preparation to execution, they have it all covered!”

Mark James Manager

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