Our Services


Social Media Consultancy

Our consultancy services are ideal for a client who wants to manage their own social media internally on a day-to-day basis; this means you already have a dedicated employee or team working on your social media. If this is the case we will serve as your strategy partner and assist with execution as needed.


Social Media Management

Parade Ring Marketing provide high impact Social Media Management. Why does your business need a social media presence? If you are not already using social media for your business, you are missing out a whole section of your marketing plan – thus losing you precious links to new business and clients.


Social Media Advertising

FACEBOOK ADVERTISING: Helping you connect with your customer base. TWITTER ADVERTISING: Helping raise the visibility of your business. INSTAGRAM ADVERTISING: Instagram advertising can be a seamless extension to your existing social media ad strategy.


Blog Creation & Management

We offer a full range of blogging services designed to grow your business. We don’t create content for content’s sake and hope someone just catches it, we use proven strategies to spark interaction and engagement with your target audience.


Newsletter Writing & Management

HELPING CLIENTS TO GROW WITH NEWSLETTER WRITING: We also offer a full range of newsletter writing services designed to grow your business.


Email Marketing

The modern answer to an age-old dilemma. Whether it is your existing customer database or a fresh prospect list, a segmented, targeted and expertly managed email marketing campaign can be tailored to drive results you need.


Marketing Consultancy

Marketing your business/brand is your opportunity to demonstrate and “shout” about the brilliant work your business does on a day-to-day basis – ensuring that all of your current and potential stakeholders, customers and partners know who you are and what you do.