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Instagram, Facebook and Twitter ads can promote social media users’ posts, website content or even other social media ad campaigns across social networks.

Many businesses are still learning how to use social media advertising, which makes mistakes easier to make. Below we share some of the common social ad mistakes and how you can avoid social ad mistakes.

1) Not understanding social media ad costs

Many social networks have a self-service model that enables you to set up social ads quickly with little or no input from social media experts. While these social ad types are easy to use, they’re not always the most effective since there are no humans involved in presenting your social ad on social media, which can lead to low social media ad awareness or social media ad recall.

This social media advertising mistake happens when businesses run social ads without knowing how much it costs to reach 1,000 people on social networks. Each social network has a different cost per click (CPC), which is the amount you pay each time someone clicks on your social ad. This social media advertising cost is typically based on the social network’s targeting criteria, which are the location, age range, gender and keywords associated with your target social media advertising audience.

Social media advertising companies can help you determine social ad costs by providing data-driven social ad research that forecasts how much it will cost to reach your social media advertising goals.

2) Not knowing social ad targeting options

Not all social ads are created equal, which means social ad campaigns can be more or less effective depending on what social ad targeting options they’re using. The best social ads leverage several types of social ad targeting to generate the greatest number of leads and sales.

Social media advertising companies can help you create social ads with specific social ad targeting options that align with your social media advertising goals. Some of the most commonly used social ad targeting options are:

– Lookalike audiences – Reach people who are similar to individuals in your customer or email list.

– Location, location, location – Target social ads to social media users in a specific geographic location.

– Age and gender targeting – Reach social media users of a specific age or by gender.

– Keyword targeting – Target social ad campaigns based on social media user interests as related to the keywords they use across social networks.

3) Being too vague with social ad messaging

Social media users follow social influencers they know and trust, so social ad messaging should be clear, concise and social-media shareable. Forcing social ads to conform to the social network’s character limit makes social ad message length a challenge, which can result in unclear social ad messaging that isn’t social-media shareable.

This social media advertising mistake happens when businesses try to be social-media shareable without social ad testing. The best social ads are social-media shareable because they generate social media user engagement from the beginning, which makes it easier for social users to share social posts within their own social networks.

Social media advertising companies can help you create social ads that social-media users want to social share by social ad testing social ad messaging on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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